About us

Aquire Land and Water is a dedicated rural land and water agency

Established in 2020, and whilst a new business structure, Aquire brings many years of experience and commitment to Australian agriculture. We combine that integrity with a fresh approach to the sale and purchase of land and water for agricultural production.

The Australian agency business is an old business model, with its roots and practices from the colonial days of early 1800’s. We’re taking the history and values of old agency, but blending it with a new and customer-focused approach to service and added value.

The broader agency business is now dominated by large city-based corporates, who have little local knowledge and even less respect and empathy for the individuals, families and businesses who are wholly invested in Australian agriculture. Agency has become a net taker of profits from agriculture; certainly not a contributor of value to agriculture.

Aquire will challenge your view of Agency by disrupting that old business model.

Our core VALUES are to:

  1. Do more than just sell things,
  2. Fully understand your farming business so we can help you make the right decisions for your business at the right time,
  3. Always hold the long-term view in our client relationships,
  4. Promote and sustain a fresh and positive world-view of agriculture.

Our VISION is:

To change the face of Australian rural agency, adding value and making your farming business even more innovative, profitable, enduring and exciting.


We’re founded on the belief that Rural Agencies should do more than just sell stuff.

We want to partner with your business to build it into a true 21st century venture that can take advantage of all that world-class food and fibre production can offer. We recognise and strive for excellence, we’ll introduce valid and promising opportunities, shepherd responsible investments, help build long-lasting farming enterprises, cultivate enduring business relationships and help satisfy the most critical minds that Australia’s farmers are the best in the world.

Our PEOPLE include:

Jon Cobden has been involved in agriculture for most of his life. From hands-on farming to agronomy, rural merchandise, corporate governance, mediation, communications training, research, water-broking and property agency, Jon has a passion for the people and business of agriculture.

Most recently, he has been working with successful family farms and corporate agri-business to explore how best they can collaborate. Access to capital, issues with scale, enterprise diversity, succession and people dynamics are some of the issues that family farms grapple with every day. Corporate agriculture recognises that family farmers are the best farmers, with the highest level of skill and long-term dedication. Incorporating successful family farmers into corporate business models creates a win for both parties.

Aquire Land and Water is more than a guy and a phone. We’re lined up with one of Australia’s most recognised irrigation technology businesses ICI Industries, better known by many of you for the respected local brands Irribiz, AIS Greenworks and Blue Bucket. That branch network across Australia and their passionate, skilled people sit alongside Aquire, offering local knowledge, support and technical skills that can help us determine what potential irrigation projects are achievable. Precious Water, Innovative Solutions.

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