We’re a lot more than just a real estate and water agency.


With solid roots in farming, agri-business, agronomy, communication and negotiation – think about what else we can do for your business…


We ‘ll help you grow to the next level of farming.


Aquire does business differently.


Murrumbidgee GS
Murrumbidgee GS Lease
Murrumbidgee HS
Murrumbidgee HS Lease

Murrumbidgee GWater Z3call3850 – 4000
NSW Murray 10/MIL (above) GS
NSW Murray 10/MIL (above) HS
481600 – 1800
6500 – 8000
NSW Murray 11 (below) GS
NSW Murray 11 (below) HS
2150 – 2375
8500 – 9000
Murray Zone 6 (above) HR514701 – 5238
Murray Zone 7 (below) HR95-1006300
Goulburn 1A HR
South Australia 12 River 3A
6700 – 8000
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What We Do

We are your newest water broker, but as licensed agents, we know and follow all the rules. Review and compare our brokers’ charter.



We’ll act as your dedicated buyer’s agent to find the right property for your expanding farm business.

We’ll market your property professionally and with care to ensure that your sales goal is met; efficiently and with empathy.

And, were more than just an agency. We’d love to partner with your business to help build it into a true 21st century farming enterprise that can take advantage of all that World-class food and fibre production can offer.

“If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” Albert Einstein.

If your farming business is ready to explore what the future can hold, then you’re ready to talk to us. We’ll be able to:

  • Introduce you to new, valid and promising growing opportunities,
  • Locate a range of innovative and responsive investors from a range of different capital sources,
  • Help you build a farming enterprise that is more diverse, robust and resilient,
  • Cultivate enduring business relationships for you with excited new players, and
  • Help satisfy the most critical minds that Australia’s farmers are the best in the world.


and why we think you’ll love working with us

We are oh, so committed to results!

We firmly believe in Australian agriculture and how much better it can be for all of us.

There shouldn’t be winners and losers in a transaction. With enough patience and innovative thought, we believe there’s a win:win in every deal.

We’re always thinking outside the square to come up with the best deal, the best solution; the one that is most satisfying for all parties.

We will not compromise our integrity. Ever.



Jon’s commitment to working above and beyond for the client is super refreshing. He always goes that extra mile.

Fiona S




Aquire’s core values aren’t just words on a website. The whole team fully live those values with their actions every day.

Ross M


“New thinking”

I really think Aquire will change our approach to farming. Their ability to think outside the square about the future of agriculture is rare.

John W

We’d love to chat with you about how we can work with your farming business. Contact us today.