Water Broking and Sales

Aquire is a different type of water broker

Irrigation water is our most important rural asset. It is worth more than the land it irrigates, it’s mortgage-able, it’s the security that our irrigation industry must have. It underwrites the future of all irrigation farming enterprises and the agribusiness’ that rely on them for supply of produce.

The brokerage of it should be handled with the utmost respect by experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated brokers, who fully understand the industry and legislation. We hold an essential duty of care to the clients we act for.

Aquire fully supports licensing and regulation of water brokers, and we work hard to see that happen. Aquire’s water charter is built on improving transparency and integrity across the industry.


  • Always act in the absolute best interests of our client.
  • Never trade water in our own right for profit.
  • Declare any related-entity trading.
  • Only charge commission on one side of a deal – we believe it is a conflict of interest to charge both the buyer and the seller in the same transaction.
  • Do not speculate in the market. The water market is for growers and investors – not for brokers to play in.
  • Declare any known or potential Conflicts of Interest.
  • Maintain audited accounts and operate all trade through a Trust Account.
  • Commit fully to the ethics of the Australian Water Brokers Association (AWBA).
  • Be licensed and follow, as an absolute minimum, all guidelines of a licensed Real Estate Agent (as determined by NSW Fair Trading).
  • Commit to a programme of Continuing Professional Development.

Aquire Land and Water commits to all of the above.

Ask your current broker whether they do.

Current Listings

Call today to check our temp listings of water for sale and wanted.


High Security $8000 – $8200

  • 150 ML Murrumbidgee *

General Security $2400 – $2500

  • 1500 ML CICL
  • More needed urgently

Groundwater $3850 – $4100

  • Zone 3 Lower Bidgee 1000 ML
  • Zone 3 Lower Bidgee 30 ML


  • Murrumbidgee, CICL or River
  • High Security 1000 ML
  • Murrumbidgee Irrigation
  • High Security 130 ML
  • General Security 500 ML
  • General Security 200 ML
  • General Security 50 ML
  • General Security 110 ML
  • General Security 500 ML
  • General Security 1000 ML
  • Lachlan
  • LV2 General Security 300 ML
  • Lower Lachlan GW 500 ML

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