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  • Sunnybrae, Mundarlo 1580 acres grazing/cropping, river frontage, midway Sydney – Melbourne – website here
  • Irrigation installation business – Griffith, contact for more detail.
  • Vineyard Yenda, 80 acres, well established, mixed varieties.
  • Adelong NSW 750 acres grazing. Great opportunity.
  • Vineyard Yenda, 30 acres, great home.

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Lets think outside the square for your next property purchase or sale

Selling land

Farming land inspires a completely different set of emotions in humans. We don’t simply own it; we’re more than caretakers or managers. We often hold it across several generations, and most of us come to truly love the land we live and work together on.

Making the decision to sell a property can be tough. If its the family farm it raises a whole range of feelings that buyers (and many agents) don’t understand. Even if its not the family farm, it can mean a change of investment strategy, a change in the business structure, or a major lifestyle or employment change.

At Aquire, we fully understand these issues and work closely with you towards a positive result – keeping a focus on the outcome you really want.

We’ll explore the best method of sale; we’ll often already have a pool of potential buyers or investors, and we’ll make sure the process is as smooth as possible for you – communicating regularly with you along the way.

Buying land

We may have property for sale for one of our clients that you’ll be interested in. If that’s the case we can’t work directly for you – that’d be a conflict. But we will do everything we can to make the process as efficient as we can for you as well. Our buyers’ testimonials are evidence of that, and also the fact that many of these buyers approach us to be their buyer’s agent when they’re next looking to expand.

Prime agricultural land is in high demand, so we need to know if you have an appetite for growth. Pick up the phone today.

Leasing, share-farming, partnering, investing

Much like in the cities where the 3-bedroom brick veneer on a quarter acre block is an almost impossible dream for young families, changes to farming land values, business structures, equipment pricing and financing constraints mean family businesses have to look outside the square for entering, expanding or consolidating within modern agriculture.

The traditional Australian dream of owning and operating all of our own farming land is rapidly changing as well. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing – it creates the opportunity for a different landscape.

Aquire’s team spends a lot of time talking – to all sorts of farmers, service providers, food producers, wholesalers and retailers, financiers, regional, city and overseas investors, exporters and government. Invariably the topic swings to a New Agriculture – how can we ensure the most passionate players have the best opportunities to not only participate in agriculture, but to thrive.

Those discussions mean we’re often well placed to bring a potential partner to the table to explore opportunities with you. But we need to know what your plans are – be sure to talk to us.

Portfolio management

With our corporate clients, we spend a lot of time planning and working towards industry, climate, water jurisdiction and geographic diversity to manage risk. Sometimes that’s on an international scale, but the same principles apply within states and regions.

Our most focused family farmers often have that corporate outlook as well.

Putting together a diverse property profile takes time and patience. It means you have to be ready to take advantages of opportunities when they arise. Often that is at the most inconvenient time.

Our portfolio management relationships are long-term relationships, They have to be. We need to understand your business; sometimes we need to help you change business, finance or management structures. Sometimes it means devolving existing structures or getting rid of assets that now don’t fit within the group.

But everything starts with a conversation – we’d be happy to start yours soon.

“Jon originally chaired our family farm management board when we first set it up 8 years ago. His broad knowledge and experience, along with the ability to sensitively ask the tough questions made him pivotal to the way we operated.

He’s not on the board now, but we still ask him back once or twice a year to sit in on the meetings. Someone like Jon, who has such a broad perspective of agriculture – he’s critical to help us make sound decisions simply because he doesn’t spend all of his time focused within our business like we have to be.

Graham, Jill and Michael O.

Talk to us today about your property plans.

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