Buyers’ Agency

What a Buyers’ Agent Does.

Aquire Land and Water is a new but very experienced agency specialising in rural land and water for agricultural production.

Whilst we are a traditional licensed rural land (or stock and station) agency, we often act as buyers’ agents. In other words, if you’re looking for property, we’ll help you find it. Then we’ll work with you and the vendor to negotiate the deal. We charge a buyer’s commission for that, but generally this service is more cost effective than what we would charge a vendor to sell their property. So there’s a win for all sides.

If the property is already for sale with another agent, we’ll negotiate with that agent. If it isn’t already for sale, we’ll negotiate directly with the vendor or their solicitor on your behalf.

Most importantly though, we do not and will not act for both sides of a deal.

Advantages of Buyers’ Agents:

We’re mobile, fast and agile. Because we’re a small team operating with a limited number of clients, we can cover a lot of ground and act very quickly.

We work really hard to understand your needs and find the property that exactly matches your profile, not just one that happens to be for sale.

We operate nationally and have solid contacts in each state and many regions, particularly around irrigated agriculture and horticulture.

Being a smaller (non-corporate) agency, we can fly under the radar. If you’re a high profile buyer entering a certain market, you’ll often get a sense that the vendors (and their agents) have seen you coming and lifted their pricing. We can quietly negotiate with potential sellers and avoid raising expectations.

This doesn’t mean a vendor is being disadvantaged. We’re not about that. We are about getting a fair deal for our client and negotiating a great outcome for both parties. Sometimes its not just about the dollars and cents, and our experience shows that if you enter a negotiation with that in mind, you stand an exceptional chance of coming out with that elusive win:win. That leaves both buyers and sellers very satisfied. Unfortunately that’s been a rare occurrence in property deals.

There’s a saying that everything is for sale, at a price. Because we’re approaching potential vendors out of the blue, it gives us the time to discuss what their long-term plans are for their farming business as well. This discussion often uncovers some real opportunities for them around different location, enterprise shift, changes to scale, acting on succession concerns, exit strategies and so forth. It is often a better place to have those fair-dinkum discussions without the pressure of a sales deadline. This is where a lot of our continuing work comes from.

Because we are a specialist agency with sound agronomic and business backgrounds, we’re also able to think outside the square. We’re not just trying to get a property off our books – we’re trying to find the absolute right time, place and deal for our client. And that is exactly why the relationships with our clients are long-term.

Jon was able to open up a great discussion within our family business. It let us explore, without pressure, what we really wanted to do in the future.

We didn’t end up selling the farm, but it started a really valuable discussion between our family members about how we wanted to work together. Without Jon’s input, those issues would never have hit the table between us. In short, he changed the way we communicate.

Chris H.

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