Big river means ……. small allocation – why?

15/09/2021 Murrumbidgee General Security Allocation Situation. ‘Our dams are full, and the river is running a banker. How come we’re not getting any allocation increases?’ This is the big question I’m hearing from irrigators right now. Yes, our dams are almost full: Blowering is at 94.5% and Burrinjuck at 95.3% today, and the river isContinue reading “Big river means ……. small allocation – why?”

Why buy a farm just because its on the market?

Wouldn’t it be better to profile your ideal rural property needs – location, improvements, soil type, aspect, water supply, different rainfall or weather patterns – and then go looking for exactly that place? There has been a lot of interest in our buyer’s agency service model. We won’t have a window of properties for saleContinue reading “Why buy a farm just because its on the market?”

What can farmers do to reduce the COVID impact

In this strange new pandemic world, impacts to farming businesses in Australia, thank goodness, have been relatively minimal. The longer this issue goes on though, the higher the risk of more inroads. What have we seen for farmers, and what might we see: Global produce markets are nervous and that is being reflected in prices,Continue reading “What can farmers do to reduce the COVID impact”

I believe a Water Broker should….

Australian irrigated agriculture relies completely on the water broking industry to act with integrity, transparency and dedication to underwrite the future of fair trade of this critical asset. Aquire fully supports the licensing and regulation of brokers. We are proud to be brokers and honour the trust placed in us by clients to carry outContinue reading “I believe a Water Broker should….”

You’re opening a new business now?? Why?

Yep, this is the question most people have asked about why we’re opening a brand new business in the middle of a pandemic; when lots of other businesses are laying low. Well, the simple fact is that I believe in an exciting future for Australian Agriculture. So, why not take action on that while everyoneContinue reading “You’re opening a new business now?? Why?”