Why buy a farm just because its on the market?

Wouldn’t it be better to profile your ideal rural property needs – location, improvements, soil type, aspect, water supply, different rainfall or weather patterns – and then go looking for exactly that place?

There has been a lot of interest in our buyer’s agency service model. We won’t have a window of properties for sale – we prefer to think that our range potentially covers every farm in the country.

A Buyers Agent is a slightly different form of real estate agency. We’re fully licensed Stock and Station Agents, but we often as not work for the buyer in seeking the exact property they want for their expanding portfolios. Sometimes it takes a little longer than buying something that’s already on the market, but we believe that is time well spent to achieve your ultimate goal.

Aquire loves building property diversity for clients like this. It’s a strategic and planned approach to expansion rather than just waiting for the neighbour to die.

Whilst we’re based in the Riverina we operate nationally, and we have loads of experience matching expanding farm businesses to the perfect new farm.

Contact us today. https://aquire.agency/contact/

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