You’re opening a new business now?? Why?

Yep, this is the question most people have asked about why we’re opening a brand new business in the middle of a pandemic; when lots of other businesses are laying low.

Well, the simple fact is that I believe in an exciting future for Australian Agriculture. So, why not take action on that while everyone else is focused on other things?

For the first time in my memory, we have concerns about food security and food safety here in Australia. Don’t get me wrong – Australia’s farmers can safely produce far more than we need. It is the distribution and timeliness issues that we have – and in particular, safety issues with imported produce. Its just a great opportunity to have a fair-dinkum conversation about how we value Australian food production.

So, what will Aquire do in this space?

We’re in a position to initiate those conversations. In doing that over the past few years, we’ve realised that many of the people we talk to are in a position to help our farming clients overcome some of the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis:

Bankers with a different perspective about how they do business,

Food processors and retailers wanting solid linkages to reliable suppliers,

Innovative investors who are looking for a real piece of Australian agriculture,

Corporate agriculture that needs to partner with successful family farmers,

Farmers who have succession and growth issues,

Like minded farmers who are ready to look outside the square.

So, we’d like to think we’re good networkers and effective enablers. Chat to us and let us get an idea on where you want your business to go. And we’ll more than likely know someone that can help you get there.

Give us a call today and we’ll explore those opportunities. (plus, we like good coffee and a yarn!!)

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