I believe a Water Broker should….

Australian irrigated agriculture relies completely on the water broking industry to act with integrity, transparency and dedication to underwrite the future of fair trade of this critical asset.

Aquire fully supports the licensing and regulation of brokers. We are proud to be brokers and honour the trust placed in us by clients to carry out their water transactions.

I believe a Water Broker should:

  • Always act in the absolute best interests of our client.
  • Never trade our own water and declare any related-entity trading.
  • Do not speculate in the market. The water market is for growers and investors – not for brokers to play in.
  • Declare any known or potential Conflicts of Interest.
  • Maintain audited accounts and operate all trade through a Trust Account.
  • Commit fully to the ethics of the Australian Water Brokers Association (AWBA).
  • Be licensed and follow, as an absolute minimum, all guidelines of a licensed Real Estate Agent (as determined by NSW Fair Trading).
  • Commit to a programme of Continuing Professional Development.

Aquire Land and Water is and commits to all of the above.

Ask your current broker whether they do.

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